Soporte y experimentación

La relación experimentación soporte está en el origen del cine hasta sus formas contemporáneas. En sesiones anteriores vimos varios casos de experimentación. Aquí retomamos algunos nombres para explorar temas hasta el momento no extendidos.
Stan Brakhage

“”Amateur” is a word which, in the Latin, meant “lover”: but today it has become a term like “Yankee” (“Amateur-Go Home”), hatched in criticism, by professionals who so little understand the value of the word or its meaning that they do honor it, and those of us who identify with it, most where they think to shame and disgrace in their usage of it. An amateur works according to his own necessity (a Yankee-enough proclivity) and is, in that sense, “at home” anywhere he works: and if he takes pictures, he photographs what he loves or needs in some-such sense –surely a more real, and thus honorable, activity than work which is performed for some gain or other than what the work itself gives… surely more personally meaningful than work only accomplished for money, or fame, power, etc… and most assuredly more individually meaningful than commercial employment– for the true amateur, even when in consort with other amateurs, is always working alone gauging his success according to his care for the work rather than according to the accomplishments or recognitions of others.” Stan Brakhage

Naomi Uman

Bill Morrison

Alan Berliner

Craig Baldwin

Jonas Mekas